The Poster Presentations will be held at the Treasury Hall on USFQ campus, next to Plaza Grande. The goal of the Poster Session is to present and share your research with a wide scientific community in a less formal setting. This invaluable opportunity to communicate your findings is also an excellent way to receive important feedback, promote your research interests and network.

The poster session will be held on Wednesday August 7th, from 17:45 to 20:00.

These events are intended to be a relaxed setting for open exchange of results, ideas and experiences, so there will be a free glass of beer and choripan for all assistants.

Poster size and orientation

Please follow these guidelines in preparing your poster:

  1. Measurements: 118.9cm x 84.1cm (lenght x width), which corresponds to A0 format (portrait). These measurements are exact, and if a poster exceeds these specifications, it may be subject to removal. The posters will be attached to a board using push pins that will be provided on-site by the organizers.
  2. ​Legibility: the poster should be easy to read, understand and have a logical layout. We suggest using at least 24 point font size for text, and 36 for headings, since a poster is usually observed from a distance of aprox 1 m. It is also advisable to use a light color background and dark color letters for contrast.
  3. Sequence: each poster will be assigned a number indicating to the placement on poster boards and which must be printed in the upper right corner of the poster.
  4. Presenters: poster presenters must be present during the poster session exhibiting their work.

​ If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee.